School profile

Special emphasis on arts and crafts, communication and environmental studies as well as on pre-school and primary education

Education in arts and communication aims primarily at improving the pupils’ oral, literal and visual expression. Esthetic experiences help the pupils to develop their ability to appreciate, refine and express their own estheticism, to enjoy it and to break restricting models of thinking.

In the Savonlinna University Practice School, the aim of the education in arts and communication is to help the pupils to become aware of the different means of arts and communication, and to use them in their own communication both individually and critically.

The aim of both pre-school and primary education is to support a pupil’s self-esteem and to provide him/her with social skills essential for effective interaction and courage to express him/herself. Another aim is that a pupil learns to develop his/her learning skills. Self-assessment is developed right from the beginning of the school.

The beautiful landscape of the Savonlinna district provides excellent conditions for environmental studies. Instruction aims at recognising and understanding the physical features and phenomena of the surrounding area. Positive experiences help a pupil to establish a personal relationship with nature and to plan, realise and estimate his/her own activity for its benefit.