Headmasters Column

Welcome to the homepages of the Savonlinna University Practice School! In these pages we have gathered information on our school so that you can easily and quickly get a thorough picture of our activities.

Our school is a comprehensive school (comprising the classes from 1 to 6) and it is a part of the University of Joensuu. For nearly ten years we have also provided pre-school education at our school. In addition, we are responsible for organising teaching practice for class teacher students with the exception of field practice.

In addition to class teacher students we have some trainees who are specialising in domestic sciences, textile work or kindergarten teaching. Our areas of emphasis also include various experimental and research activities through which we are aiming at improving pedagogics. Furthermore, we organise further education for teachers.

Special emphasis is put on pre-school and primary education, education in arts and crafts, communication and environmental studies. In our homepages you can read more about what’s going on in these areas. As a university school we naturally emphasise the importance of research. Our school provides a research field for teacher students as well as for those working on more demanding diploma works. Some of our own teachers are in further education both in academic and vocational subjects.

In these pages we have gathered links through which you can find further information on those subjects you find interesting. Please send us comments and greetings through our Contact Us -pages.

Headmaster Mr Mikko Ripatti

Email: mikko.ripatti@joensuu.fi
Telephone: +358-(0)15-5117 800 (direct)
Address: Kuninkaankartanonkatu 5, 57100 Savonlinna, Finland
Telephone: +358-(0)15-5117 801 (office), +358-(0)15-5117 848 (telefax)